GUTTA » The new issue of the Elesta newsletter “EchoLaser News”

The new issue of the Elesta newsletter “EchoLaser News”


Dear Doctor,


We are pleased to share the new issue of the Elesta newsletter “EchoLaser News”, which aims to offer periodic information on the main activities of the Company and beyond.


Thanks to the experience of hundreds of users of the EchoLaser system, with this initiative we intend, in fact, to collect and relaunch the news and information that in the health and health services landscape refer to the inspiring concepts of the action of Elesta: the activities of research, monitoring, evaluation, training and innovation.


We are convinced that quality, efficiency and fairness are decisive elements in the organization of health care and being able to have up-to-date information on good practices carried out in this direction is a useful tool for both decision makers and operators.


You can also find and download EchoLaser News editions on our Corporate website.